Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (2023)

7/10 - For all D&D fans... and everyone else too.

Full disclosure: I am a Dungeons and Dragons TTRPG fan. I love the game, and I think a lot of people would enjoy it if they tried it.

This movie did a fantastic job of capturing the chaos, improvisation, and humor that comes with a D&D campaign with friends and family. The combat in the movie is great, both sword fighting and magic-based combat are done well. It is very obvious the writers and directors are D&D fans because the plot is so much like an actual Dungeons and Dragons campaign, from the arguments to the failing and miraculous successes of plans to the long shot attempts at sneaking past guards by whatever means necessary.

One of the great successes of this movie is that it doesn't require you to be a D&D player to enjoy it. Sure, it's that much more fun if you are a player, but it's nearly as enjoyable if you aren't. The humor is light, so it's difficult to watch the movie and be grumpy. The action is really cool, unique, and engaging, even when compared to other fantasy movies, which I believe this out-shines the majority of.

I eagerly await the sequel, which I'm sure Wizard of the Coast and Paramount are keen on making.